I have been using Clare to treat my and my clients’ horses for the past four years. I highly recommend anyone who has any uncertainty about their horse’s physical comfort or has soundness issues to have Clare give them a treatment. The results are fantastic and always help me answer questions from a training perspective.

Adrian Day
Day Horsemanship

Everytime you have treated our horses our horses have improved so much. They are so much happier both on the ground and under saddle. You have a large passion to see horses improve and you will spend as much time on them as you think they need.


Clare is amazing, my mare was really sore through the back and now she is 100 percent better thanks to Clare’s great work and advise.

Deanna & Kitty

Clare is a thorough, knowledgeable skilled practitioner of equine massage. All the horses that I have had treated really enjoy the session & benefits them for the future. I also enjoyed the fact that she taught me the basics of massaging my own horses so I could treat them myself between visits. I would highly recommend Clare.

4 Oaks Farm

Clare has been working for us since 2014, keeping everyone in tip top physical condition, and of course super relaxed! She loves her work and is extremely dedicated to her clients and their health and is wealth of knowledge. We have all learnt so much from her, and continue to do so every time she visits. Clare was one of the key components to restoring our mare Chello to her full health, working hard with us to see this happen and we owe her massive thanks for doing so. Clare travels quite extensively to treat horses and does her utmost to fit you in and often brings a visitor along in the form of a new feathered or furry baby whom she has just rescued!

Consciously You

Had Clare out to see my QH x SH gelding this week trying to work out why he is so upset under saddle. I was very impressed with Clare’s warm and professional approach my gelding responded very well and I am confident we are well on the way to sorting his issues. Lovely to see a young woman so passionate and gifted with our equine friends!


Clare just want to say thank you for everything you have done for Neo. Today was out first day back in the saddle together and  we would have never made it without you taking the pain away. We both love you for it. Thanks again.

Denise & Neo

Hi Clare,

I have to tell you that I asked Archie to step up onto the pedestal tonight and he stood on it with all 4 feet!!!! Did not hesitate to step up when I asked. As I told you on Sunday he has not wanted to do this for 3 or 4 years now – I am rapt.

Can’t thank you enough making my horse comfortable again.

Debbie & Archie

Thank you so much for the time you spent with Lily today – I know she appreciated it. You are very knowledgeable and intuitive and kind with the horses who all love you.

Jan & Lily

Thank you so much for coming out and seeing Pugs today Clare, you did a lovely job, so patient and kind to Pugs, will recommend you to other people in a heartbeat, thank you!

Anita & Pugs

I can vouch for Clare. She’s very good, takes whatever time is needed and resolves problems others can’t. Highly recommend.

Sandra & Jasper

Today Beau received a much needed massage! The lovely Clare from Whole Horse generously donated her time to come out Freedom Hill Sanctuary and help Beau with the injuries he sustained while racing.

Clare practices Equine Myofunctional Therapy (horse massage) which is a sports, remedial and preventative 100% hands-on therapy that treats the whole horse. She has also donated a gift certificate which we will be auctioning off soon to help raise funds for our Freedom Hill residents. Thank you so much Clare. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Freedom Hill Sanctuary

Hi Clare, thanks for doing such a super job with Jag, he was looking very pleased with himself this morning! We are lucky to have someone like you to help our horses.

Heidi & Jag

I have known Clare as an Equine Myofunctional Therapist for approximately three years. During this time, Clare has done a tremendous job in identifying, treating and finding solutions to muscular dysfunctions in my horse. Clare has a very thorough and detailed approach to treating my horse, this coupled with her genuine passion for improving the lives of horses through her therapy, has made her services essential to the wellbeing and recovery of my horse.

After treatments I have always noticed considerable improvement, and her practices have been an invaluable attribute in maintaining the wellbeing and performance of my horse. Knowing that Clare is qualified and highly skilled with my horse’s best interests at heart, gives me peace of mind knowing my horse is in good hands.

I would recommend Clare to any horse person looking to alleviate pain, improve performance and promote healthy wellbeing through her muscle therapy programs. My horse also loves the therapy, and I am starting to think he loves her more than me when she is around!

Stephanie & Jasper

Have to say that Clare is great. I had the chiro, vet and farrier look at my girl who would not let you pick up one leg, she would lean all her weight in on you and then bring her head around your back as if to say ‘please don’t it hurts!’

So in total frustration after not getting any ideas from the chiro, vet or farrier, Clare spent last Saturday going over my mare and giving her a complete massage.

She found the muscle that is causing pain (yahoo!) so now I have spoken with the vet and she has advised rest to repair, all thanks to Clare and yep have her booked in a fortnight to go over my OTTB.

I can’t thank Clare enough. It is so worth getting her to massage your horse, it’s amazing what she can find when you think your horse is okay!

Cheryl & Zena

I have known Clare for quite some years when, as a student learning the equine massage techniques, she would come and massage my horses as her case studies.

When she first began doing this, she was a quiet, shy young girl who has now grown into a confident, knowledgeable young woman who is able to quite clearly explain what is happening with the horse’s body. My horses absolutely adore her because of her gentle yet therapeutic hands … she knows when to back off, she listens to the horse and proceeds in a manner the horse is able to manage.

My horse who has been with me the longest, one who does not trust too many people, absolutely works in with her, showing her in his body where the work needs to be done, knowing that after the pain, there will be the release.

My little aged pony, 28 years old, usually goes and lies down in the sawdust of the roundyard and goes to sleep following his treatment.

My third horse, a standardbred who previously raced, where things were often done ‘to’ him, not ‘for’ or ‘with’ him, can drift between head on the ground and droopy eyelids to hypervigilance. In either state, Clare is able to happily and gently manage him and his trust grows with each session.

I can highly recommend Clare, both as a competent practitioner and as a gentle person whose love for the horse is unsurpassed. I am happy to be contacted in person to speak on her behalf.

Jan Dodds
M 0403026651

I had recently purchased a 15 year old QHxSH gelding that was experiencing a lot of discomfort under saddle.

Being a very sensitive horse, Bucky became more and more resentful of being ridden. He showed all of the typical signs of underlying pain when being ridden including ears back, bunching up, corkscrewing his tail, becoming less and less forward going, as well as the occasional pigroot!  He was not a happy horse under saddle at all.

On Clare’s initial assessment, it was discovered that Bucky had quite significant muscle damage and wastage in some areas under the saddle, probably due to long term ill-fitting saddles in his past, as well as a lot of tenderness right across his hind area.

However, with the combination of Clare’s extensive remedial treatments, changing to a quality Freeform treeless saddle, and slowly re-building the correct muscle groups, over several months Bucky showed great improvement.  He became a willing horse and began to really enjoy his rides out.  His way of going also completely changed – relaxing and swinging through his back, and showing more forwardness.

Clare has an amazing affinity with horses, and is able to read them through both her hands and through their responses to her treatment.  I was amazed with the results achieved.

Rachel & Bucky